Our Story

Reinventing Local Media,

Shop Local Now makes it easy for local consumers to buy from local business online.

Our team is passionate about local and about community. We believe that supporting everything local in communities including local media, local businesses, charities, events, schools and churches are fundamental to feeling connected to where we live and our neighbours. ShopLocalNow.ca is our contribution towards building that collective vision.

Shop Local Now is a division of City Media, born in 2004, led by a team of ex-media executives and Western PHD's. City Media has created a patent pending platform (LEAP Local Engagement Advertising Platform) that makes it easy to create, target, promote and convert local ads, deals, offers, tickets and more in a unique shopping portal. Local advertisers can target a hyper local market - right down to the 6 digits or larger advertisers with a community focus can quickly create a highly effective campaign. Best of all, we do it all, with no work or resources required from your team.

While connecting businesses, consumers and media partners, City Media's LEAP platform drives outstanding consumer engagement and unmatched distribution through local and national partners. Simply stated, we work every day to help companies just like yours achieve the best possible results online with a platform that incorporates the latest insights, the smartest technology, and the most targeted solution. City Media is headquartered in London Ontario, with offices in Toronto and Nanaimo.